The Triune God: Preliminary Confessions

How should we approach a topic that is so mysterious and beyond our comprehension? I invite the reader to meditate on the following quotations from the Scriptures and various authors and writers to ponder the glory of the Triune God. To see our inability to utter praises and to know Him, apart from His graceContinue reading “The Triune God: Preliminary Confessions”

#8 Sino-sino Sila?

Ngayon na nalaman na ng mga bata na may Iisang Diyos at may tatlong Persona sa iisang Diyos, ipakilala naman sa kanila kung sino-sino ang tatlong Persona. Mahalagang ipabasa sa bata ang Matthew 28:19 dahil dito makikita nila na malinaw sa Bibliya kung sino-sino ang tatlong Persona, Ang Ama, Ang Anak, at Ang Diyos EspirituContinue reading “#8 Sino-sino Sila?”

#7 Ilan ang Persona sa iisang Diyos?

Ang katuruan tungkol sa Banal na Trinidad ay mahirap unawain, hindi lang para sa mga matatanda kundi lalo na sa mga bata. Kaya dapat itong ipaliwanag ng may ingat. ‘Wag kalimutan ang question # 6 na may Iisang Tunay na Diyos lamang, dahil maaaring sabihin ng bata na tatlo pala ang Diyos. Ipaliwanag sa mgaContinue reading “#7 Ilan ang Persona sa iisang Diyos?”

SCBC Lord’s day #36

John 19:30Therefore when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And He bowed His head and gave up His spirit. And as he hung on the cross, having lived a sinless life, having paid the penalty for your sins and mine, Jesus uttered his last words before dying. Τετέλεσται. “It isContinue reading “SCBC Lord’s day #36”

SCBC Lord’s day #33

I bow down toward your holy temple and give thanks to your name for your steadfast love and your faithfulness, for you have exalted above all things your name and your word. (Psalm 138:2  ESV) Featured Hymns: #683 & #721 Featured excerpts and lessons from SCBC & BVCBF Pulpit We must submit our reasoning to theContinue reading “SCBC Lord’s day #33”

Worship the Blessed Trinity

Trinity is purely an object of faith; the plumb–line of reason is too short to fathom this mystery, but where reason cannot wade, there faith must swim. Thomas Watson The Triune God is what makes the Christian faith and life worth believing and living. – Ryan MacGraw Let us worship the Triune God today.Blessed Lord’sContinue reading “Worship the Blessed Trinity”