Images Dishonor God

“A true image of God is not to be found in all the world; and hence… His glory is defiled, and His truth corrupted by the lie, whenever He is set before our eyes in a visible form. . . Therefore, to devise any image of God is itself impious; because by this corruption HisContinue reading “Images Dishonor God”

The Dangers of Images

“In the face of this perplexity, some would suggest that the second commandment applies only to immoral and degrading representations of God, borrowed from pagan cults, and to nothing more.” J.I. Packer, Knowing God Lesson: Images are dangerous because God cannot be represented by anything in worship for He is Spirit and His Son alreadyContinue reading “The Dangers of Images”

Being Known

What matters supremely, in the last analysis:Is not the fact that I know God, butthe larger fact which underlies it– the fact that He knows me. J.I. Packer, Knowing God All our knowledge of Him depends on his sustained initiative in knowing us. We know Him because he first knew us and continues to knowContinue reading “Being Known”

Knowing Jesus

What is it like to know Jesus? J.I. Packer gives four analogies to show the relationship of the knower to the known. In knowing Jesus, it is like a son knowing his father, a wife knowing his husband, a subject knowing his king, and a sheep knowing his shepherd. The knower looks up to Him,Continue reading “Knowing Jesus”