Apologetics Session 8: Evil and the problem of Atheism

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Establish the need: Why is this session important? We often hear discussion about God and the problem of evil.  However we must not downplay or neglect the issue of evil and the problem of atheism. Purpose: In this session we shall discuss four points to help us think…

Evil as a Privation of Good by Augustine of Hippo

Translated by Albert C. Outler (1955) From Confessions, Book 7, Chapters 11-13 (~400 AD) CHAPTER XI And I viewed all the other things that are beneath thee, and I realized that they are neither wholly real nor wholly unreal. They are real in so far as they come from thee; but they are unreal inContinue reading “Evil as a Privation of Good by Augustine of Hippo”

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Christ is the ultimate answer to the problem of evil. God answers the problem of evil by sending His own Son Jesus Christ. To show the fullness of His love and the fullness of His justice. On the cross, the fullness of God’s glory shines.