The Foundation of Resurrection

Have you ever thought about what is at stake if Christ has not risen from the dead? Let’s see what the Apostle Paul has to say. Our faith is utterly worthless (vv.14, 17) We are liars and misrepresenting God (v. 15) We are still in our sins & the dead saints perished forever (vv.17-18) WeContinue reading “The Foundation of Resurrection”

Christ has Risen

There are two stages of Christ‘s work of redemption: Humiliation (life and death) and exaltation (resurrection and ascension, seating at the right hand of God, and the second coming to judge the living and the dead). We already dealt with Christ’s humiliation, today we will look at the resurrection of Christ. The Resurrection of ChristContinue reading “Christ has Risen”

Christ was Buried

One of the most neglected accounts of Christ’s work is the fact that He was buried. Christ’s burial is proof that He truly died, which in turn proves the validity of His resurrection! For this reason, it was important for the early Church to affirm Christ’s burial. For I delivered to you as of firstContinue reading “Christ was Buried”

Christ, the Scapegoat

THE DAY OF ATONEMENT is a significant event in the life of the Israelites. It is when the sacrifice is offered to God to “atone” for the sins of his people. The selection of two goats—one to die on the altar as a sacrifice or payment for sin, and the other to be sent outContinue reading “Christ, the Scapegoat”

Christ, the Lamb

Although the metaphor of a lamb certainly suggests the gentleness and meekness of Christ’s demeanor, this is not its primary significance. In light of the historical background, the picture of Christ as the “Lamb” points primarily to Him as the atoning sacrifice for the sins of His people. OLD TESTAMENT SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM: Exodus 29:38-39 offeredContinue reading “Christ, the Lamb”

Christ, Our Sacrifice

Men nowadays hate the idea of sacrifice. Paul Wells observes this when he writes, “Blood-sacrifice is repugnant to modern man and had long been the object of scorn on the part of critics of Christianity” (Wells 121). But it is central for the Christian faith because of the revelation God has given us and howContinue reading “Christ, Our Sacrifice”

Christ, Our Reconciliation II

Last time, we talked about Christ’s work of reconciliation. He came not only to appease God’s wrath but also to change our hearts that we may love the Father back by His grace. Francis Turretin writes how important this work of reconciliation is, He cannot be called ours except as appeased; and from an angryContinue reading “Christ, Our Reconciliation II”

Christ, Our Redemption 2

In our previous blog, we talked about Christ’s work of redemption. Christ alone is the Redeemer of His people, and His very life was the ransom that He paid. It is one of the results of Christ’s sacrificial work. Let us now see another aspect of Christ’s redeeming work, which is to free men from theContinue reading “Christ, Our Redemption 2”

Christ, Our Redemption I

Every person desires to be free. The question is, be freed from what? From debt? from poverty? from slavery? from religion? Christ’s sacrifice answers our greatest need, He freed His people from the slavery of sin. Jesus is the Redeemer. According to Paul Wells in his book Cross Words, redemption, along with righteousness and reconciliation,Continue reading “Christ, Our Redemption I”

Christ, Our Propitiation 2

Christ is worth more than anything and everything else in this universe. None of us can pay our debts by our good works. None of us can satisfy the demands of God’s justice. None of us can endure the wrath to come. Christ alone did all of this! Jesus paid it all. On this blog, weContinue reading “Christ, Our Propitiation 2”