Introduction to the Christian Worldview

Every subject we think about is filtered through our worldview. The picture of reality we hold in our minds is what we use at the most basic level to answer every question in life. This is especially true of big questions, like those pertaining to man’s origin, ethics, life’s meaning and ultimate destiny or purpose.Continue reading “Introduction to the Christian Worldview”

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Christ is the ultimate answer to the problem of evil. God answers the problem of evil by sending His own Son Jesus Christ. To show the fullness of His love and the fullness of His justice. On the cross, the fullness of God’s glory shines.

30 Important Questions

One of the most important skills that an apologist must learn is the art of asking questions. Below is a list of important questions that are worth to think about when engaging an unbelieving worldview. These questions are originally posted in This Is Apologetics: 30 Questions for Non-Christians by Joel Settecase. These questions will surelyContinue reading “30 Important Questions”

What if the Laws of Logic goes Unjustified?

Christian: In a naturalistic materialistic worldview, how can you justify laws of logic?

Atheist: I can’t, they’re axioms. although we can’t be sure if they’re absolutely correct, they have been working consistently so far.

The Christian Worldview against Unbelieving Worldview

In all of our engagements with Atheists, we should never fail to preach the gospel. We do not engage with them just for the sake of winning a debate or an argument but to win their souls and to take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).