Paul Washer on Presuppositional Apologetic

Spot on! Listen to this! “You don’t have to defend a lion. You just need to let the lion out and defend himself.” ~ Spurgeon “Even if you are smarter and even if you beat me in a debate, I’ll still believe in Jesus Christ. My faith in the LORD Jesus Christ is not basedContinue reading “Paul Washer on Presuppositional Apologetic”

Biblical Case for Presuppositional Apologetics in 7 Minutes | Dr. James White

Explain International: This was the opening statement made by Dr. James White during a recent round-table discussion/debate on Apologetics Methodology. Watch the full debate here: To the Triune God alone be the glory!

Doubting Requires God

Sye Ten Bruggencate is back! We praise God for His mercy and grace upon Him. Eli and Sye did a good job in this podcast. I am sharing some of my notes (non verbatim) here: The doubt that the Scriptures speak about is not about God’s existence but about His providence. So to doubt GodContinue reading “Doubting Requires God”

Presupp Applied to Roman Catholicism

This is originally posted here by Eli Ayala. This is really a good read and I gained insights in dealing with Roman Catholicism. So I asked brother Eli to repost this in my blog today. Enjoy! Question: Hey Eli! Question…since the Roman Catholic rejects what God has revealed in scripture as the final authority (SolaContinue reading “Presupp Applied to Roman Catholicism”

Circularity and Consistency

Additional Resource: Answering Objections to Presup by Eli Ayala This quick video from the Reformed Wiki is helpful. The fallacy of circular reasoning is always raised by the critics of presuppositionalism as one of their bases for rejecting it. But is circular reasoning always fallacious and wrong? We answer with a resounding “No”. Circular reasoningContinue reading “Circularity and Consistency”

Unity among a Diversity of Presuppositional Apologists

Originally posted on The Domain for Truth:
Unity is important. There are Bible verses that speaks on the topic of unity: Psalm 133:1, Philippians 2;2 and 1 Peter 3:8.  1 Corinthians 1:10 also talks about not having division.  And in an area like apologetics there’s always the danger of disunity since the nature of apologetics…

An Absolute Proof for God

This is a repost from Revealed Apologetics by Bro. Eli Ayala. 1. A transcendental argument is able to operate on absolutely any fact of experience. The presuppositional apologist thus has an unlimited number of facts to choose from to utilize his argument. 2. A transcendental argument argues for its conclusion indirectly rather than directly. ThatContinue reading “An Absolute Proof for God”

Natural Theology

I saw this post on Facebook by Ricky Roldan, and this is worth sharing (posted here with permission). You can read more from the author in Urban Reformed Theology. I cannot speak for everyone else I know who are Reformed Presuppositionalists but I for one do not reject Natural Theology as a doctrinal concept.Natural revelationContinue reading “Natural Theology”

Do Christians Commit the Fallacy of Special Pleading?

Today, we are going to deal with a particular issue regarding the Fallacy of Special Pleading. Now, do Christians commit the Fallacy of Special Pleading? Absolutely not! Let us first define the fallacy of special pleading. Special pleading is an informal fallacy wherein one cites something as an exception to a general or universal principleContinue reading “Do Christians Commit the Fallacy of Special Pleading?”

The Ultimate Proof of Creation Discussion Guide by Veritas Domain

This is a superb study guide on a book that I look up to about presup apologetics. I would’ve used this had I known it when I read this books years ago. Thanks for putting it up Veritas Domain. Here you go! I somehow forgot to make a table of contents for the discussion guideContinue reading “The Ultimate Proof of Creation Discussion Guide by Veritas Domain”