Presupp Applied to Roman Catholicism

This is originally posted here by Eli Ayala. This is really a good read and I gained insights in dealing with Roman Catholicism. So I asked brother Eli to repost this in my blog today. Enjoy! Question: Hey Eli! Question…since the Roman Catholic rejects what God has revealed in scripture as the final authority (SolaContinue reading “Presupp Applied to Roman Catholicism”

Circularity and Consistency

Additional Resource: Answering Objections to Presup by Eli Ayala This quick video from the Reformed Wiki is helpful. The fallacy of circular reasoning is always raised by the critics of presuppositionalism as one of their bases for rejecting it. But is circular reasoning always fallacious and wrong? We answer with a resounding “No”. Circular reasoningContinue reading “Circularity and Consistency”

Natural Theology

I saw this post on Facebook by Ricky Roldan, and this is worth sharing (posted here with permission). You can read more from the author in Urban Reformed Theology. I cannot speak for everyone else I know who are Reformed Presuppositionalists but I for one do not reject Natural Theology as a doctrinal concept.Natural revelationContinue reading “Natural Theology”

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Christ is the ultimate answer to the problem of evil. God answers the problem of evil by sending His own Son Jesus Christ. To show the fullness of His love and the fullness of His justice. On the cross, the fullness of God’s glory shines.

What if the Laws of Logic goes Unjustified?

Christian: In a naturalistic materialistic worldview, how can you justify laws of logic?

Atheist: I can’t, they’re axioms. although we can’t be sure if they’re absolutely correct, they have been working consistently so far.

This Is Apologetics: an Argument from Certainty

Here’s a really compelling argument I heard once from Sye Ten Bruggencate about why we need to presuppose the Bible as revelation from God in order to think that we can know anything at all for certain. It’s slightly modified, but I think it still works. This Is Apologetics: an Argument from Certainty The Problem withContinue reading “This Is Apologetics: an Argument from Certainty”