Image-Dreamers are Abominations to God

Lesson: “To think of God according to our own imagination is to violate the command that forbids us to make carved images.” Its Further Implication Imagining God in our heads can be just as real a breach of the second commandment as imagining him by the work of our hands.” ~ J.I. Packer We learnedContinue reading “Image-Dreamers are Abominations to God”

Images Mislead Us

Little children, keep yourselves from idols. 1 John 5:21 The human heart is a perpetual idol factory. John Calvin Lesson: Images mislead us, for they convey false ideas about God. We learned that representing or illustrating God through images obscures God’s glory. As Calvin says, “His majesty is adulterated.” Today, we’ll learn that images also mislead us.Continue reading “Images Mislead Us”