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These blog posts explore the Glorious Gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ.

  1. The Presupposition of the Gospel – allegiance to the sole infallible authority of the Scripture is crucial in our understanding of the gospel.
  2. The Glorious Gospel – the greatest question that a man has to deal with if he is truly concerned about his own soul is this: “how can a man be right with God?” 
  3. The Father’s Motive 1: For His Glory – The glory of our salvation depends on, revolves around, and directs to the glory of God alone.
  4. The Father’s Motive 2: For the Love of His People – It was God’s love and not man’s merit that moved Him to save us. 
  5. The Son’s Motive in Coming to Save – Christ died for God, for us, & for His own joy–and we sinners, underserving of His great love are made to see by faith the spectacular parade of His beauty & attributes gloriously displayed in the gospel.
  6. The Son of God in Glory: His Deity – The One who gave his life for our redemption was NOT a mere man or even an archangel; He is the eternal Son of God—the Creator, Sustainer, and Sovereign LORD of all.
  7. The Son of God in Glory: His Glory – We can ONLY gaze upon the splendid glory of God in the face of His exalted Son.
  8. The Son’s Humanity 1: The Old Testament Witness to the Incarnation – It is vital to recognize that our salvation hangs in the fact that the Redeemer is both God and man, fully and truly.
  9. The Son’s Humanity 2: In the Fulness of Time – If Jesus of Nazareth was not the Messiah, then the Scriptures have not been and cannot be fulfilled. The prophecies of old would be impossible to be fulfilled apart from Jesus.
  10. The Son’s Humanity 3: The New Testament Witness to the Incarnation 1 -We need not fancy another doctrine, like the Immaculate Conception of Mary, in order to preserve the purity of the Redeemer. But we must believe in the power of God the Holy Spirit who supernaturally made the Virgin Birth and Immaculate Conception of Jesus, not Mary, possible. 
  11. The Son’s Humanity 4: The New Testament Witness to the Incarnation 2 – The incarnation shows God’s infinite and unimaginable love and graceHe did not let His people perish on their sins but suffered in this fallen world without becoming a sinner Himself in order to save them from the wrath of God.
  12. The Son’s Perfect Life 1 – We cannot be accepted by God through our own good works, for the best of them are just filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). We need the righteousness of another, perfect righteousness which can only be found in Christ.
  13. The Son’s Perfect Life 2 – This is one of the most comforting passages in all of the Scripture. The saint who struggles can always find refuge in the sinlessness of the Son. 
  14. The Son bore our Sins 1Have you trusted in Christ as your sin-bearer? None other than the Sinless and Spotless Savior can pay for your sin. Run to Him and be cleansed!
  15. The Son bore our Sins 2 – Christ was set forth and died on the cross not only to restore us to a right relationship with God, but also to enable us by the power of God to die to sin and live to righteousness.
  16. The Son became a curse – At cross on Calvary, the Messiah was “singled out” for disaster, and “all the curse of the covenant” written in the book of the law fell upon Him. He died that those who trust in Him may not be cursed.
  17. The Son Suffered 1 – This is the beauty of the Savior’s suffering, that He suffered that we may not suffer. He was forsaken that God may not turn His face away from us. He was cast away that we may come boldly before God’s throne of mercy as forgiven and accepted in the Beloved.
  18. The Son Suffered 2 – If you will not trust in Him who suffered God’s wrath because of your sin, you will be forsaken and abandoned in hell forever. You can never pay for your sins.
  19. The Son Died – Reader, may you not take the death of Christ lightly. You will suffer forever if you will not trust in His finished work on the cross for sinners like you and me. Christ died that those who believe in Him might not die but live with Him for eternity. May the Spirit draw you nearer to the cross where Christ has died.
  20. Christ, Our Propitiation 1 – In His human nature, Christ suffered; and in His divine nature, He was able to give an infinite price and value to his sufferings. Since the Son of God was the fullness of deity in bodily form (Colossians 2:9), His life was of infinite worth—of infinitely greater worth than all those for whom He died. This is one of the most beautiful truths in all of Scripture.
  21. Christ, Our Propitiation 2 – Christ made a way of salvation for His people by STANDING IN THEIR PLACE, BEARING THEIR SIN, AND EXTINGUISHING THE WRATH THAT WAS DUE THEM IN HIS OWN BODY. For this reason, God can justify His people with no contradiction to His own holiness and righteousness. This is the heartbeat of the gospel! You lose this message and you have no gospel at all!
  22. Christ, Our Redemption 1 – Without Christ, you cannot have true and lasting freedom, you are a slave of sin. You need Christ to be free at last! So we praise Him because He accomplished His redemptive work. He redeemed His people perfectly and completely.
  23. Christ, Our Redemption 2 – We are no longer slaves of Satan and sin. We are devoted to and slaves of Christ and righteousness. This is the true freedom of the redeemed servants of the LORD!
  24. Christ, Our Reconciliation 1 – The saving work of Christ [is] viewed as the restoration of harmony or agreement between God and man. The term therefore relates specifically to the office of Christ as the Mediator between the two parties in covenant, God and man, and indicates the result of Christ’s mediatorial work of satisfaction.
  25. Christ, Our Reconciliation 2 – God uses men to make His work of reconciliation known to others. It is a royal calling. Those who preach the gospel are dignitaries communicating God’s appeal to men.
  26. Christ, the Sacrifice – Indeed, there is a fountain filled with blood. Though people mock this truth, this is our and their only hope. His blood is precious and powerful to save His sinners to the uttermost till they are completely saved and sin no more in glory.
  27. Christ, the Lamb – No payment that a man could make would be enough to redeem his soul. Only the blood shed by Christ on Calvary was sufficient because it was of infinite value.
  28. Christ, the Scapegoat – Christ suffered outside the city’s gate and was left to die, shut off from God and God’s people, just as the scapegoat wandered in the wilderness and the remains of sacrificial animals were burned outside the gate (Hebrews 13:11-12).
  29. Christ was Buried – We are entirely rescued from the agony and torment of hell because of His death. His burial verified His death, ensuring eternal life for those who trust in Him alone
  30. Christ has Risen – Because of its certainty, it is not only the hope of God’s people, but it is God’s basis and assurance that he will judge the world by Jesus Christ. This is indeed a sure challenge for the believers to preach repentance and motivation for the unbelievers to repent of their sins.
  31. The Biblical Account of Resurrection – Finally, we have the trustworthy word of Scripture that our Lord appeared to a large number of witnesses before His ascension, both individuals and “more than five hundred brethren at one time” (I Corinthians 15:6).
  32. The Foundation of Resurrection
  33. The Evidence for Resurrection Part
  34. The Nature of Christ’s Resurrection

Note: The primary source of the lessons is the book DISCOVERING THE GLORIOUS GOSPEL by Paul Washer.


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