Our Response to God’s Majesty

Lesson: Knowing God’s majesty should produce appropriate knowledge of God and ourselves leading to a full embrace of His majestic care for His people. Three Rebukes: •“To whom then will you compare me, that I should be like him? Says the Holy One” (40:25) “Our thoughts of God are not great enough; we fail toContinue reading “Our Response to God’s Majesty”

God Does Not Change: His Truth & Ways

GOD’S TRUTH DOES NOT CHANGE Whatever God says flows from His unchanging nature. Unlike human beings who are always unstable, we say things that we do not really mean, and we take our words back as well. But God is stable, He won’t take back whatever He says. J.I. Packer writes, “…we need to rememberContinue reading “God Does Not Change: His Truth & Ways”

God Does Not Change: His Life & Character

GOD’S LIFE DOES NOT CHANGE Ponder on this thought: God has always been alive. Since God is always alive, He cannot cease to exist. Notice the following passages: Created things have a beginning and an ending, but this is not how it is with their Creator. Children normally ask, “Who made God?” The answer toContinue reading “God Does Not Change: His Life & Character”

He Emptied Himself

One of the Christological heresies that plagued the church during the mid-19th century, which is still believed by some modern evangelical churches and false teachers today (i.e. Kenneth Copeland, Bill Johnson) is Kenosis theory. The teaching that the Son of God in order to be fully human divested Himself not only of the His roleContinue reading “He Emptied Himself”

The Greatest Mystery

What do you think is the most hard-to-believe doctrine of the Christian faith? The atonement, the Resurrection, Virgin Birth, or the Gospel Miracles. We may believe that one of these great doctrines of the Christian faith is the most difficult to embrace. But according to J.I. Packer “the supreme mystery with which the gospel confrontsContinue reading “The Greatest Mystery”

Image-Dreamers are Abominations to God

Lesson: “To think of God according to our own imagination is to violate the command that forbids us to make carved images.” Its Further Implication Imagining God in our heads can be just as real a breach of the second commandment as imagining him by the work of our hands.” ~ J.I. Packer We learnedContinue reading “Image-Dreamers are Abominations to God”

Images Mislead Us

Little children, keep yourselves from idols. 1 John 5:21 The human heart is a perpetual idol factory. John Calvin Lesson: Images mislead us, for they convey false ideas about God. We learned that representing or illustrating God through images obscures God’s glory. As Calvin says, “His majesty is adulterated.” Today, we’ll learn that images also mislead us.Continue reading “Images Mislead Us”

Images Dishonor God

“A true image of God is not to be found in all the world; and hence… His glory is defiled, and His truth corrupted by the lie, whenever He is set before our eyes in a visible form. . . Therefore, to devise any image of God is itself impious; because by this corruption HisContinue reading “Images Dishonor God”

The Dangers of Images

“In the face of this perplexity, some would suggest that the second commandment applies only to immoral and degrading representations of God, borrowed from pagan cults, and to nothing more.” J.I. Packer, Knowing God Lesson: Images are dangerous because God cannot be represented by anything in worship for He is Spirit and His Son alreadyContinue reading “The Dangers of Images”

Being Known

What matters supremely, in the last analysis:Is not the fact that I know God, butthe larger fact which underlies it– the fact that He knows me. J.I. Packer, Knowing God All our knowledge of Him depends on his sustained initiative in knowing us. We know Him because he first knew us and continues to knowContinue reading “Being Known”