Union with Christ and the Christian Life

Understanding the doctrine of Union with Christ plays a pivotal role in the Christian life. Bro. Ezekiel shared this in the Christian Worldview Project podcast on December 13, 2021. Introduction: Union with Christ is one of the neglected and misunderstood Christian doctrines In Scripture, the term “Christian” is used only three times (Acts 11:26; 26:28;Continue reading “Union with Christ and the Christian Life”

Introduction to the Christian Worldview

Every subject we think about is filtered through our worldview. The picture of reality we hold in our minds is what we use at the most basic level to answer every question in life. This is especially true of big questions, like those pertaining to man’s origin, ethics, life’s meaning and ultimate destiny or purpose.Continue reading “Introduction to the Christian Worldview”

Apologetics and Evangelism

Definition Many people use the word evangelism in different ways. However, what does the Bible say about this important word? When we look to Scripture, we run into a problem: there is no direct-equivalent word for our English word evangelism in the New Testament. Its origin is rooted in three Greek words: Euangelion – GospelEuangelistes/Continue reading “Apologetics and Evangelism”

Universal Atonement on Trial

This is Jordan Ravanes’ Opening statement on his debate concerning extent of the death of Christ entitled “SI HESU CRISTO BA AY NAMATAY PARA SA LAHAT NG MGA TAO AYON SA BIBLIA?” (Did Christ die for all according to the Bible? Good evening, it is with great honor and privilege to be here this evening,Continue reading “Universal Atonement on Trial”

A Dialogue on Total Depravity

The topic we have before us is very important because we are living in this generation where there is a shallow understanding of the weight of sin and how this sin affects humankind. Salvation is reduced into the simple formula as ABC and that if you repeat a prayer from someone then you are savedContinue reading “A Dialogue on Total Depravity”

The Christian Worldview against Unbelieving Worldview

In all of our engagements with Atheists, we should never fail to preach the gospel. We do not engage with them just for the sake of winning a debate or an argument but to win their souls and to take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

The Christian Worldview Project with Jezreel Madsa on 2 Thessalonians 2:15 and Acts 15

Below are the two most common prooftexts1 that the Roman Catholic Religion used to support their most cherished doctrines. It can be rightly said that her entire system will fall once we faithfully expound those passages. So, here’s Bro. Jezreel Madsa on the texts, with few additional insights from me, that deal with Sacred TraditionContinue reading “The Christian Worldview Project with Jezreel Madsa on 2 Thessalonians 2:15 and Acts 15”

Juris Doctor Palacio on SB 689: Anti-Discrimination Act 2019 (SOGIE Equality Bill) (Negative)

One humble article as this may not change the view of magistrates, but let it be known, to you reader, that whatever you choose to support now will shape tomorrow and your children’s heritage.