Attack on the Heart of the Gospel

Is the 21st-century agenda Christianity-friendly? Can we really say that Christendom has reached the time where she is safer than the time of the Apostles, martyred Christians, and victims of the crusades? I read a booklet on Postmodernism: Attack on the Heart of Biblical Christianity by Erroll Hulse. It’s a quick read but it willContinue reading “Attack on the Heart of the Gospel”

Review: Praying the Bible

This review is long overdue. But I like to share what I learned from it. I got this for free from Crossway. The book is Donald Whitney’s Praying the Bible. ‌This book has been used by God for two months now to improve my prayer life practically. I taught parts of this to our churchContinue reading “Review: Praying the Bible”

She Being Dead, Yet Speaketh: Reflections from The Dairyman’s Daughter

Christians love to hear stories of those who were martyred for the sake of Christendom. It ignites a passion to live and die for the cause of the cross. Stories of saints who persevered, even in the face of imminent danger ever upon their heads, to bring the Gospel to as many people as theyContinue reading “She Being Dead, Yet Speaketh: Reflections from The Dairyman’s Daughter”

Book Review: The Love of Christ

Gaano kadalas sa isang araw na hindi natin nakikita ang pag-ibig ni Kristo? Gaano kadalas natin ito hindi napapansin? Minsan ito’y tinatago ng Diyos mula sa atin upang turuan tayo kung ano nga ba tayo… Kung tayo lang ay may espirituwal na paningin upang makita ito. Kung tayo ay namumuhay sa pamamagitan ng pananampalataya sa Anak ng Diyos, tayo ay tiyak na mamumuhay ng may kabanalan.

A Life of Self-Denial

In this heart-pounding booklet, “Ann Judson: A Life of Self-Denial” from Chapel Library, we are brought to a life given to God for His glory alone, a woman “whose heart the fire of God’s grace and love burned.” Her life was really a demonstration of self-denial. She and her husband established the first Burmese churchContinue reading “A Life of Self-Denial”

What is a Christian?

In this tiny booklet, “What is a Biblical Christian” by Albert Martin, from Chapel Library, Al Martin that Christianity is not simply a religion of knowledge. Answering the question “What is a Biblical Christian” is important in order to preserve the church from false professors of faith. He gave four strands of the Biblical answerContinue reading “What is a Christian?”

Review: The Sovereignty of God in Providence

I received this free booklet entitled “The Sovereignty of God in Providence” by John Reisinger from Chapel Library. It cannot escape my hand the moment I gazed my eye on it. Though I do not promote the author’s covenant theology, his discussion on God’s meticulous providence is comforting, encouraging, and humbling being drawn from theContinue reading “Review: The Sovereignty of God in Providence”

Book Review: The Ministry

Charles J. Brown (2006). The Ministry: Addresses to Students of divinity. Banner Of Truth. You can purchase the book here. ‌ This book by Charles J. Brown contains his addresses to his students of divinity in different periods. Reading the book, though it is not one of the best books on pastoral ministry available today, yetContinue reading “Book Review: The Ministry”

Book Review: Mysterious Ways

Because mystery attaches to the operations of God’s providence, it is not surprising that objections should arise in the minds of carnal people who are not prepared to live with mystery… For the believer, facing the mystery of God’s providence, the right approach is to realize that God is God.