Christian but not an Evangelist?

I often hear this notion, “I am a Christian but not an evangelist for I have not the gift of utterance.” If that’s the case how then can we uphold the words of Jesus when he said, Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nation? (Matt 28:19)Teaching them to observe all that I haveContinue reading “Christian but not an Evangelist?”

God’s Extreme Power, and Our Extreme Powerlessness

While preparing for a sermon this coming LORD’s Day on Isaiah 9:6, I meditated on a hymn written by Martin Luther in 1529. I discovered that it was written by a unitarian pastor. In an article written by David Matthis from Desiring God, he lamented the fact that there are important details that are lostContinue reading “God’s Extreme Power, and Our Extreme Powerlessness”

The Believers’ Filial (Godly) Fear

Filial fear is a holy inclination of the heart, generated by God in the hearts of His children, whereby they, out of reverence for God, take careful pains not to displease God, and earnestly endeavor to please Him in all things. It is a motion of the heart. The noble soul is gifted with emotions,Continue reading “The Believers’ Filial (Godly) Fear”