I can do no less than keep the LORD’s Day

“The Christian sabbath, the Lord’s day, as the Greek scholiast well renders it; which to sanctify was in the primitive times a badge of Christianity. When the question was propounded, Servasti Dominicum? Hast thou kept the Lord’s day? The answer was returned, Christianus sum; intermittere non possum, I am a Christian, I can do no less than keep the Lord’s day. But the world is now grown perfectly profane (saith Dr King, on Jonah, Lect. 7), and can play on the Lord’s day without book; the sabbath of the Lord, the sanctified day of his rest, is shamelessly troubled and disquieted.”

—John Trapp, 1 Corinthians: John Trapp Complete Commentary, n. 16:2

Today, let us pray that God’s people will be more resolved to keep the LORD’s day. To take pleasure in it. May the LORD keep us from the temptation of profaning the Day through our actions, thoughts, and words.

Let us also remember the preachers in remote places. Let us pray that the LORD will grant them strength to fearlessly stand for the truth that people may be saved.

Blessed LORD’s Day!

Published by Jeff Chavez

Sinner saved by grace

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