Preach As A Dying Man!

I Preach’d, as never sure to Preach again,

And as a dying man to dying men!

Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

This morning while praying for the ministry of street evangelism, I was prompted to read a part of Jeremy Walker’s book “The Broken Hearted Evangelist”, which I heartily recommend that every street preacher should read. I landed on a page (p. 3) where he quoted Richard Baxter’s line above. This famous line is from his writing “Love Breathing Thanks and Praise”. See the stanza where the line can be found below:

This call'd me out to work while it was day;
And warn poor Souls to Turn without delay:
Resolving speedily thy Word to Preach;
With Ambrose, I at once did Learn and Teach.
Still thinking I had little time to live,
My fervent heart to win men's Souls did strive.
I Preach'd, as never sure to Preach again,
And as a dying man to dying men!

O how should Preachers Men's Repenting crave,
Who see how near the Church is to the Grave?
And see that while we Preach and Hear, we Die,
Rapt by swift Time to vast Eternity!
What Statues, or what Hypocrites are they,
Who between sleep and wake do Preach & Pray?
As if they feared wakening the Dead!
Or were but lighting sinners to their Bed!

Who speak of Heav'n and Hell as on a Stage!
And make the Pulpit but a Parrot's Cage?
Who teach as men that care not much who learns;
And Preach in jest to men that sin in earns.
Surely God's Messenger, if any man,
Should speak with all the seriousness he can;
Who treateth in the Name of the Most High,
About the Matters of Eternity!

Who must prevail with sinners Now or Never,
As those that must be saved Now, if Ever:
When sinners endless Joy or Misery,
On the success of his endeavours lie!
Though God be free, he works by Instruments,
And wisely fitteth them to his intents.

To God be the glory!

Source: LOVE Breathing THANKS and PRAISE

Published by Jeff Chavez

Sinner saved by grace

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