HGA Episode 4. Book Review On Van TIl’s Apologetic by Greg Bahnsen

Herald of Grace Apologetics

One of the distinctive insights that Van Til has given to presuppo-sitional apologetics is that every line of reasoning that is exalted against the knowledge of God, and every kind of objection or challenge to the faith that is raised by unbelievers, arises from an attitude of the heart and within the intellectual context of a world-and-life view. Everybody thinks and reasons in terms of a broad and fundamental understanding of the nature of reality, of how we know what we know, and of how we should live our lives. This philosophy or oudook is “presupposed” by everything the unbeliever (or believer) says; it is the implicit background that gives meaning to the claims and inferences drawn by people. For this reason, every apologetical encounter is ultimately a conflict of worldviews or fundamental perspectives (whether this is explicitly mentioned or not).

Bahnsen, Greg L. Van Til’s Apologetic : Readings and Analysis. Phillipsburg, P. & R. Publ, 1998.

Listen to our podcast as we discuss and review (Taglish) Greg Banhsen’s Van Til’s Apologetics on the following heading:

2.1 The Nature and Necessity of Apologetics

To God be the glory!

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