The Curious Sinner and the Seeking Saviour

Date: January 22, 2023
Sermon Text: Lucas 19:1-10
Preacher: Bro. Jay

Message: No sinner, even if his wickedness reaches the heavens, is sinful enough to be outside the bounds of the Seeking Saviour’s reach.

For us to further understand this narrative, we’ll take a look at the circumstances surrounding this narrative.

I. What prevented him to come to Christ

a. His vocational hindrance – he’s a publican
b. His moral hindrance – he’s a sinner
Point: Even for the most outwardly and inwardly defiled man like Zacchaeus, Christ is abounding in grace, ready to share a meal with him.

II. What pushed him to come to Christ

c. A desire to see Jesus – His desire to see Jesus was, I believe, out of mere curiosity. But this curiosity was overruled when His heart was quickened.
d. An effort to see Jesus – A wealthy publican climbing a tree after running the road, in order to see a religious teacher, will doubtless call forth mockery!
e. A willingness to obey Jesus – Christ commanded Him to quickly come down. And he did so…. Not grudgingly… but with gladness.


  • Since Zacchaeus is an outcast, this may be the first time that a righteous person invited himself to come and stay in his house.
  • Not one Jew would commune with the chief of robbers and extortionists. Yet we see Christ rejoicing in finding a lost sheep!

III. What pledge he gave to Christ

f. A great confession – “Behold, Lord…”
g. A great resolution – He resolved to express his repentance by giving back more than what he lawlessly took. Zacchaeus climbed the sycamore tree as a curious sinner. But he went down a converted saint.
h. A great truth heralded – To be called “Son of Abraham” means just like him, righteousness is accounted to you for your faith.

“The only reason why we seek God is because He already sought us.”


  • Converted sinners will always give evidence of their conversion.
  • Your confession is worth absolutely worth nothing if the fruit is absent.

Challenge: As you examine yourself, do you see evidence/s of your confession? Do see God’s power working in you to conform you to His Son?


  • The compassion of Christ towards sinners and His power to change hearts is free.
  • If there was a soul sought and saved, without having done anything to deserve it, that soul was the soul of Zacchaeus.
  • There is no salvation without Christ being confessed as Lord.
  • There is no true conversion where true repentance is absent.
  • God receives all the honor in a sinner’s salvation because He does the work from the start to finish.

To believers:    
Let us leave the door of gospel wide open just as we found it. We must never be afraid to proclaim that Christ is able to save to the uttermost.
– Let us offer the gospel boldly to the worst of all sinners and say: Gaano man kapula ang inyong mga kasalanan, kayo’y papuputiin, tulad ng niyebe!
– Let us not despise mere spectators and “just curious” hearers. Find encouragement by remembering what God did to Zacchaeus.

To the unbelievers [Call to repentance]:

  • Our Lord never changes. What He did for Zacchaeus, he can do for you.
  • You are never too bad to be saved. You are not beyond the power of Christ’s grace.
  • If you do not confess that Jesus is Lord now, He shall make you confess your sins before angels and the heavenly hosts, and condemn you for it, when He comes in the glory of His Father to judgment hereafter.

To God alone be the glory!

Listen to the full sermon here.

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