Marks of True Repentance

The statements below are taken from Jonathan Dickinson’s Marks of True Repentance and Saving Faith. It is a small booklet but one of the most heart-searching booklets that I’ve ever read. Below are the six marks of true repentance according to the author. Read more here:

A legal repentance is an external reformation only, destitute of all the graces of the blessed Spirit. True repentance is a change of the heart, of the will, and affections, as well as of the outward conversation—a change which is accompanied with all the fruits and graces of the Spirit of God. The one aims at just so much religion as will keep the mind easy and calm the ruffles of an awakened conscience. The other aims at a holy, humble, watchful, and spiritual walk with God and rests in no degree of attainments whatsoever.

Jonathan Dickinson

Mourning over Sin

legal repentance flows only from a sense of danger and fear of wrath, but evangelical repentance is a true mourning for sin and earnest desire of deliverance from it.

The Fruit of Saving Faith

legal repentance flows from unbelief, but an evangelical repentance is the fruit of saving faith.

Love for God and His Law

legal repentance flows from an aversion to God and His holy Law, but evangelical repentance from love to both.

A Trust in God’s Mercy

legal repentance ordinarily flows from discouragement and despondency, but an evangelical repentance is accompanied with a confiding trust in God’s mercy.

The Daily Exercise of the True Christian

legal repentance is temporary, wearing off with the convictions of conscience which occasion it, but an evangelical repentance is the daily exercise of the true Christian.

A Total Change of Heart and Life

legal repentance does at most produce only a partial and external reformation, but an evangelical repentance is a total change of heart and life, a universal turning from sin to God.

To God be the glory!

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