In the Truth of the Gospel…I Will Gladly Die (Huss)

May the LORD raise men who are willing to die for the truth.

‘God is my witness that the evidence given against me is false. I have never thought nor preached save with the one intention of winning men, if possible, from their sins. In the truth of the gospel I have written, taught, and preached today I will gladly die.’

~ Jan Hus

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The letters of John Huss (d. 1415) are a treasure to read. I really appreciate this resource: The Letters of John Hus (ed. Martin Pope & Herbert Workman). It includes historical commentary and background. Here is Pope & Workman’s account of Huss’ martyrdom. Although Hus did indeed “finish the course”, his letters from prison show he was not always perfectly brave and bold in his last days. This is not a mark on his character; it’s more of a realistic picture of what it is like to face a terrible death for the sake of Christ. Anyway, here’s a summary of Huss’ martyrdom:

As he passed through the churchyard of the Cathedral, Hus saw a bonfire of his books. He laughed, and told the bystanders not to believe the lies circulated about him. The whole city was in the streets as Hus passed through their midst. But when the…

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