Reformation Conference Cavite 2022

Last October 29, 2022, the reformed and reforming churches in Cavite, Philippines held a reformation conference with the theme: Our Solid Rock: Sola Scriptura and its Modern Challenges.


Here are the recorded sessions. Enjoy!

Session 1: Gender Equality and Women Empowerment – Ptr. Joseph Mangahas

The Biblical view on gender and sexuality is what’s fiercely under attack today. To be silent here is to compromise!

A Christian commitment to Sola Scriptura will draw from the Genesis-Narratives of the Beginning for the formation of the church’s stance relating matters of gender and sex!

Session 2 Marriage and Family – Ptr. Emman Tamargo

Various distortions of God’s design must be confronted by the reality of His law.

“The emerging development of society and government that eventually distorts God’s intention on marriage and family is an urgent cry for Sola Scriptura!”

Session 3 Church and Government – Ptr. Ramen Caliwag

Reject the attitude of either treating politics as unimportant or obsessing too much over it.

The Reformation, with its Sola Scriptura, provided us the path toward the gradual attainment of a mature understanding on church and state relationship.

To God be the glory!

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