Though My Sins Are Like Stars

“I confess,” says the truly penitent soul, “that my sins are like the stars of the firmament and like the sand on the seashore for multitude, that they are of a scarlet and crimson dye, and that it is of the infinite patience of God that such a guilty wretch is out of hell. But yet, great and dreadfully aggravated as are my sins, the merit of a Redeemer’s blood is sufficient to atone for them all and infinite mercy is still greater than my greatest sins.

I will therefore cast my guilty soul at the footstool of a sovereign God and rely on infinite mercy through a Redeemer. I will depend upon the blood of Christ, which cleanseth from all sin. Oh, how will mercy triumph over such sins as mine! How great glory will God bring to the riches of His infinite grace in the salvation of such a sinner as I, if ever I am saved!

How will heaven ring with eternal hallelujahs on my account! Surely I have sinned enough already. Let me no more add to the number and guilt of my sins by distrust of God’s mercy or by doubting the sincerity of His invitations.”

~ Jonathan Dickinson, Read more here:

Published by Jeff Chavez

Sinner saved by grace

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