Man’s duty in the Family: Leadership 1

It is the duty of the man to recognize, respect, and maintain woman’s leadership at home. God also gave the woman a position of leadership.

A. The Explanation of True Leadership (Two words of explanation)

  1. The man is the overall leader of the family
    • OT: Gen 2:21-23 – The man was made first and the woman was taken from him. He gave name to the woman.
    • NT:
      — Eph. 5:22-24 – The man is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the Christ; Col 3:18 – It is fitting to the LORD for the wife to submit to
      — 1 Peter 3:3-6 – Wives submission to the husband is holy woman’s adornment
      — Titus 2:5 – Preserving the honor of God’s word includes wife’s subjection to their husband
  2. The man is not the only leader of the Family
    • Gen 1:26-28 – Men and females are to rule over all creation. What is true in creation, in general, is also true in the family in particular.
    • Ex 20:11 – Mothers are also to be treated with the same respect
    • Pro 6:28 – Do not forsake the teaching of your mother
    • Eph. 6:1-2 – Show respect not just to the Father but also to the mother.
    • 1 Tim 5:14 – wives should run their homes and “keep their household”
    • Respect the combined rule of the parents
    • Luke 2:51 – Jesus submitted to his parents
    • Why is this important?
      • There is a danger in Matriarchal families – the wife rules.
      • There is a danger of the mother losing her role
      • Both husband and wife must rule and lead in the home.
      • There must be regular and open communication at home.
      • It is the duty of the man to recognize, respect, and maintain woman’s leadership at home. God also gave the woman a position of leadership.

B. The Signs of Godly Leadership
(What are some signs that godly leadership is present in the home?)

  1. There is real leadership in the family.
    • Not to do things that are right in their eyes only – Ju 17:6
    • “Lack of leadership is seen when the children are allowed to do whatever they want to do.”
    • It is the duty of a man that the leadership at home is taken seriously.
  2. The family is stable and orderly
    • 1 Cor 14:33 – God is not the god of confusion but peace. It must be seen in the family.
    • Everyman must make the family orderly.
  3. The family enjoys love and harmony.
    • Psalm 133:1 – There is trust closeness and good communication
    • The man must lead the family with love and harmony.
  4. The family members serve the LORD
    • Joshua 24:15 – children are made to follow the LORD’s commandment.
    • This should be true in how they observe the LORD’s day.
    • This includes their company, clothes they wear, movies they watch, places they go, etc.
    • It is the duty of man to echo and impose the words of Joshua “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

This calls for confession before God and acknowledgement before our family because of our family. But God’s grace is sufficient in enabling us to fulfill our duty. May God help us.

To God be the glory!


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