How to Drastically Improve your Greek Parsing Proficiency with ParseGreek and Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek

Helpful app for parsing that will improve your reading of Biblical Greek,

Jesse Orloff

When you begin learning Koine Greek, you are likely to use a beginning grammar like William D. Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek (BBG). As you go through a first year grammar you learn the morphology of the Greek language through a number of useful paradigms. Mounce does an excellent job of teaching the mechanics of why words take the forms they do. He is always trying to get the student to understand why a word’s inflected form takes the shape it does. He uses tools like the Master Case Ending Chart, the Master Personal Ending Chart, Master Indicative Verb Chart along with the Square of Stops and a handful of other useful charts to help the student understand the underlying mechanics of the language without memorizing thousands of forms (I don’t think anyone wants to do that).

Mounce goes as far as he can to equip students to be able…

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