The Transfer of Sabbath to LORD’s Day

Today, I am sharing informative articles on the transfer of the Sabbath to Lord’s Day in light of Biblical Theology from the Founders.

Biblical Theology and the Transfer of the Sabbath (3-part series) by John English Lee:

…the difference in motivations between the two Sabbath commands, circumcision, and the ceremonial types found around the eighth day in the old covenant all point forward to a greater reality which has its antitype on the Lord’s Day. Therefore, the change of day was typological foreshadowed in the old covenant.

John English Lee

…the title of “Lord’s Day” affirms that God is the owner of the day in special distinction from the rest of the days. This day has become the weekly reminder of the fulfillment of that to which the Jewish Sabbath pointed: Jesus’s resurrection.

John English Lee

These blogs by Tom Hicks established a biblical case for Sabbath observance.

Therefore, since the Sabbath commandment is one of the Ten Commandments, it comes to us with the same force of authority and perpetuity as the other nine commandments. 

Tom Hicks

Here you’ll find a series of articles that argue for the Christian Sabbath or the LORD’s Day by John English Lee:

Those positions that argue that weekly sabbath rest is abrogated have no biblical basis for enjoining upon people the command/gift of rest. That is, the strongest argument that that position can make is that it is wise for believers to rest, possibly even to say that it is wise to rest weekly. Continuing the discussion of inaugurated eschatology, those positions would be guilty of an over-realized eschatology in the realm of anthropology. Or, at least, their position seems to not properly account for the physically situatedness of our current existence. Those positions, combined with a strong sense of work as a creation ordinance, could easily lead to a neglect of the physical needs of the body and/or a guilty conscience when one does decide to (or is forced to) rest. Both pitfalls can be avoided. God has given a pattern for normal weekly resting from the foundation of the world.

John English Lee

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