Ann Judson: A life of Self-Denial (Reflection)

Ann Judson: A life of Self-Denial is a must-read booklet.

It is a picture of her selfless service, love and obedience to God, a God-centered testimony, and self-denial.

Her story gave encouragement to me as a Christian who is weak, and prone to worrying about the cares of the world.

It pierced my heart as I read her story of afflictions, pain, and suffering. From the start of her journey, huge waves of the storm hit her, and her friend died following the death of her child. But it brought her to become the great woman of God she is.
But, her faithfulness and devotion to God are not by her own strength, it is through Christ alone.

The fire of her selfless service is because of Christ who made her a new creation.
Her strong understanding of the sovereignty and providence of God is because of her changed heart.

The example of her deep commitment to Christ is because of God’s working in her life

It is through Christ and Christ alone.

A gracious heart says, God’s ends are my ends, and I have denied my own ends, so he comes to find contentment in all God’s ends and ways, and his comfort is multiplied, whereas the comfort of other men ar single.

– Jeremiah Burroughs

Ann Judson found contentment and comfort in God alone despite those circumstances.

Indeed, Christians ought to be disposed of and prepared to keep in mind that they have to reckon with God every moment of their lives.-Jeremiah Burroughs

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
Soli Deo Gloria!

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