Ang Di-Makasariling Pag-ibig sa Kapatiran

Sermon Text: 1 John 3:11-12

Message: Ang di makasariling pag-ibig sa kapatiran ay marka ng isang tunay na Kristyano. (Selfless love for brethren is a mark of true Christians.)

This is the most concrete proof that you are God’s children.

Love for the brethren is an essential moral element of the gospel message and the Christian faith. The Christian faith is not only theological but also moral and practical.

Bakit mahalaga ang pag-ibig sa kapatiran?
I. Ang pag-ibig sa kapatiran ay bahagi ng mensahe buhat pa nang pasimulaSapagkat ito ang mensahe na inyong narinig buhat nang pasimula, na mag-ibigan tayo sa isa’t isa

Note: Parehong salita ang ginamit ni Juan sa 1 John 1:5 (2x in 1 John)

  • This is the first of six references in the Letters of John to Jesus’ command that his disciples should love one another (the others are found in 1 John 3:23; 4:7, 11, 12; 2 John 5).
  • The gospel has a moral element. Brotherly love is very important
  • It is an old yet new commandment 2:7-8
  • It is an old command that was preached to them …Mark 12:30-31 Love the LORD…and your neighbor as yourself.
  • It is new in the gospel – Christ loves us unconditionally – 1 John 3:16, John 13:34
  • The command now is not only to love your brethren as yourself but love them as Christ loves you.

Point: Ang pag-ibig sa kapatiran ay moral na elemento ng mensahe ng Ebanghelyo ni Kristo. Ang pag-ibig na ibinigay ng Diyos kay Kristo ay nakikita sa ating pag-ibig sa kapatiran..

II. Ang pag-ibig sa kapatiran ay nag-iingat sa atin na hindi magkasala

Note: We see an illustration of Cain-like hatred and Christ-like love. Gen. 4:1–16

  • How would it be different had Cain loved Abel? Both brothers offered a sacrifice to God.
  • Inibig ba ni Cain si Abel? Ano ang description kay Cain?
  • Siya ay mula sa masama – Cain…was of the evil one – source John 8:44,
  • Pinatay niya ng walang awa si Abel – ‘to slaughter, to kill.’ NET “brutally murdered” highlights the heinous nature of Cain’s crime.
  • The very first act of the sin of murder after the fall was against a brother.
  • You may have orthodox heads, and yet you may have the devil in your hearts. ~ George Whitefield

Point: Ang kwento tungkol kay Cain ay nagpapakita sa maaaring kahantungan ng kawalan ng pag-ibig sa kapatiran.
A Christian is someone who loves his brethren. Everyone who does not love his brethren is not of God.
Challenge: Ingatan natin ang ating puso na huwag magtanim ng galit sa ibang tao, lalo na sa ating mga kapatiran.

[Spiritual Refining: The Anatomy of True and False Conversion, Vol. 1, p. 42] That love of the brethren is a sign of true grace. It is a sign and mark whereby we know assuredly, that we are in this happy estate; so that our love is no merit or cause, but a sign only.

Puritan Anthony Burgess (1600-1663)

[Ptr. Jeremiah] As Christians, we are not identified by our spiritual giftedness but by our love, John 13:35″ It’s the identification of all of Christ’s disciples.

Practical Application:

  • Let us impress the importance of love to your children. Raising children who have no natural love for their siblings. Bata kahapon sa Ginger bread house.
  • Let us impress it upon our hearts. This is a sin of lovelessness. This is a serious sin. Let us take all sins seriously, even not loving our brethren.
  • Let us watch our hearts against committing the sin of lovelessness. Be careful when with your heart when your brother commits sin against you. Let’s keep our hearts from bitterness
  • Let us strive against sin so that we may not be like Cain.
  • Isipin natin kung paano tayo makakapaglingkod sa isa’t isa. (Cain did not think about it. He could have helped his brother so that he may always offer things pleasing to God)
  • Unahin natin ang mga kapatiran. (Cain thought of himself first. He was not happy when God accepted Abel’s offer).

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