Apologetics from the Heart

The following statements are from Eli Ayala’s Apologetics Devotional Day 1. You can read the entire post here. It is good to read a reflection on foundational text for doing our apologetics.

Text: 1 Peter 3:15-16

While it is true that Christ must be the Lord of our hearts and minds as we engage with unbelievers, such that it is his precepts and commands that govern our methods of reasoning and argumentation, it is also true that this equally holds in every other area of our lives. Indeed, we are to “in our hearts/mind, honor Christ the Lord as holy” in everything we do, whether it is engaging in our careers, families, friendships, or whatever.
Defending the faith requires courage, but take courage, for the courage required to defend the faith is a supernatural courage energized by God’s Spirit and informed by the Word of God. As you study God’s Word throughout the week, pray that God grants you the courage to speak out and defend the faith when the situation calls for it.
The word “always” is important in that packed into this word is the assumption that the life of the believer involves constant engagement in the Word of God, as “giving a reason for our hope” requires that we understand the nature and content of that “hope.” This comes in reading, studying, and experiencing the Word of God as its truth and power become the background music of our hearts and minds, such that when called upon to give an answer, we are always ready to do so.

To God be the glory!

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