The Basics of Exegesis

Careful handling of the Bible will enable us to “hear” it a little better. It is all too easy to read the traditional interpretations we have received from others into the text of Scripture. Then we may unwittingly transfer the authority of Scripture to our traditional interpretations and invest them with a false, even an idolatrous, degree of certainty.

D.A. Carson, Exegetical Fallacies [14]

‌”Exegesis is ancient, we can see it all throughout scripture, even the Prophets, Apostles and Jesus Christ used exegesis.” Exegesis simply means “to lead out.” In biblical studies, it is drawing out the meaning of the Scriptural passages.

To do exegesis properly to the glory of God, there are things that we need to know, and these are the following: the text itself, the Bible with the help of text criticism (how we got the Bible), historical context (what is the historical setting), literary context (how the author expressed themselves), and biblical language (Hebrew, Aramaic, & Greek).

Watch this video as Dr. Darryl Burling explains the importance and basics of Biblical exegesis.

Resources recommended in the video:

  • Biblical Mastery Academy (I am currently enrolled here. If you wanted to learn the Biblical Language, consider this one.)
  • Virkler, H. A., & Karelynne Gerber Ayayo. (2009). Hermeneutics : principles and processes of Biblical interpretation. Baker Academic.‌
  • Abner Chou. (2018). The hermeneutics of the biblical writers : learning to interpret scripture from the prophets and apostles. Kregel Academic.


ὅτι ἐξ αὐτοῦ καὶ δι’ αὐτοῦ καὶ εἰς αὐτὸν τὰ πάντα· αὐτῷ ἡ δόξα εἰς τοὺς αἰῶνας, ἀμήν. ~ ΠΡΟΣ ΡΟΜΑΙΟΥΣ 11:36

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