Flagbearer Has Fallen

“That which God gave us as a beautiful reminder of His mercy and grace, man took and made it idolatrous desecration and disgrace.”

“…may we all be reminded that even when the month of June is when pride is celebrated for the wrong reasons, Christians take this opportunity to proclaim God’s message of grace freely and boldly. This may also be the time where believers present ourselves living in grace and knowing the God of grace.”

Jiro Francisco



Shivan Blogon

The month of June has many occasions to celebrate and holidays to be observed.  All countries should look back at our respective histories and cherish our hard-fought and well-earned freedom.  The Philippines is of no exception as my beloved country’s Independence Day is celebrated on the 12th of the month.  To my fellow countrymen, this day should refresh us that what we are commemorating is our independence from Spain in 1898.  Although we were made under nations and regimes, Independence Days should be dear to us as we stood side-by-side with our past and present heroes.  Thanking them for the foundation that they have laid out for us to walk with confidence to face the world, respect to our fellow Filipinos, and duty to serve our nation as we should perhaps sing in unison even the final line – “ang mamatay ng dahil sa’yo.”

A week after Independence Day…

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Sinner saved by grace

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