Short Guidelines in Exercising Christian Liberty

“The Christian Sabbath is not a matter of Christian liberty. It is a matter of Divine obligation to the command of God. It is a matter of obedience.”

~ Rob Ventura

On the second day of the Reformation Conference here in the Philippines hosted by Cubao Reformed Baptist Church, Ptr. Rob Ventura after his exposition of Romans 14:1-6, gave Four crucial guidelines for how different brethren are to get along regarding their differing opinions about non-salvation issues:

  1. We must always receive one another with warmth and love despite secondary differences.
  2. Never despise one another or look down on another when they exercise Christian liberty differently than we do.
  3. Immediately stop judging one another for who are you to judge your brother and sister.
  4. Let each one be fully convinced in his own mind about what they are doing or about what they are not doing in matters that are not forbidden in the word of God.

“In the new covenant, whatever we eat does not affect our relationship with God. But it doesn’t mean that we are licensed to eat unhealthy food.”

You can watch the entire session here. Ptr. Rob’s points above are from the first session.


To God be the glory!

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