The Biblical Warrant for the Diaconate Ministry (An Outline)

#1 The Biblical Roots of the Diaconate Ministry

  • 1a. The existence of the poor and needy and the compassion of God. (Matt 25:34-40 ; Gal 6:10; James 1:27)
  • 1b. The necessity for the Pastor to concentrate on his primary role (Acts 2:2-4; Acts 6:2)
  • 1c. There is a scriptural principle of decency, order, and visible integrity in the affairs of the church. (1 Cor 14:40, 2 Cor 8:20-21).

“Deacons are gift to the poor and needy, Deacons are gift to the pastor and Deacons are gift to the church”

#2 The Nature and Responsibilities of the Diaconate Ministry

  • 2a. It is a helping office delegated by the church in managing essential and mundane affairs of the church. (Practical matters)
  • 2b. The diaconate cares for and prepares the church where the congregation meets.
  • 2c. The deacons were appointed to care for and account for the church’s money and properties
  • 2d. It handles and takes care of church utility
  • 2e. They handle the benevolence fund of the church
  • 2e. They provide the elders and the church with a financial report.

#3 Qualifications for the Diaconate (1 Tim 3:8-10, 12; Acts 6:3)

  • 3a. Deacons must be men of proven integrity
  • 3b. Deacons must be men who are living in an uncompromised home situation
  • 3c. Deacons must be men with a proven ability to rule
  • 3d. Deacons must be men with a proven reputation for serving others
  • 3e. Deacons must be men of pervasive spirituality full of the spirit and of wisdom

Candidates should be from the congregation and it should be recognized by the congregation.

#4 The Conferral of the Diaconate

  • Acts 6 – it was mentioned that the congregation will choose deacons. In Acts (chapter 2) there were 3,000 members,
  • Ordination process described in Acts 6
  • Congregation chooses the deacons
  • Ordination through laying of hands

#5 Administration of the Diaconate

  • 5a. Conduct a regular meeting. The Diaconate works as one body.
  • 5b. Exercise proper delegation. Deacons have delegation authority. 1 Pe 3:7, Women can be diaconate delegates but not as an ordained office (1 Tim 3:7). Diaconal assistants qualifications (1 Tim 3:11) There are works where women are better suited (e.g. taking care of widows, and elderly women)
  • 5c. Observe Orderliness.
  • 5d. Provide a report. Deacons are under the oversight and rule of elders.

Even within the diaconate, there can be variety of giftedness in different areas.

Noel Espinosa

#6 The Duties of the Congregation towards the Diaconate

  • 6a. The congregation should treat the deacons with respect. Rom 16:1-2 (Paul exhorts the congregation to treat and acknowledge the deacons in a worthy manner.)
  • 6b. The congregation should help or assist the deacons (and the diaconate assistants) in whatever way they can (Rom 16:2).

To God be the glory!

Note: This outline is based on our pastor’s series of lectures on the Diaconate ministry during our Sunday School.

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