Fleeing Lust

“The lustful look already violates God’s command. It is not merely a simple look. It is the turning of the face or the eyes, gazing to drink in what he is seeing there. It is the second glance, the fixed state which examines her anatomy, and undresses her mentally in order to feast the lust upon her form. That is the lustful look.”

Sin kills. Sin indulge in will kill your soul. Sin is so bad, deal with it ruthlessly. The ones who enter heaven are those who deal with sin ruthlessly.

Deal ruthlessly with the lust of heart and lust of the eyes. If you don’t, where is the evidence that you are a Christian?

If you have the same filth on your phone as the others, where is the evidence that you are born again?

It is not your dealing with lust that will save you, but you will deal with lust if you are saved.

What and where is that which entraps your soul? Flee youthful lusts!

If you cannot resist clicking on those internet sites that feed your lust, it is better to go to heaven without the internet or phone. Get out of there! Run for your soul! Run to Christ! Run to the Spirit for strength!

Are you determined by grace to fight sin? If you are a Christian, you are.


*The points above are from the Ptr. Steve Hofmaier’s sermon FLEEING LUST.

Published by Jeff Chavez

Sinner saved by grace

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