Praise to the Prophet, Priest, and King

Praise to the Prophet, Priest and King, Our Redeemer
Jesus the only begotten Son of God 
Sent by the Father to save sinners forever 
He with His own blood appeased the Father's wrath

Praise Him who died and rose victorious forever 
Ascended to heaven 
He is our Great High Priest 
Who pleads for all the redeemed 
He intercedes to the Father
Lift up your voices 
Lift up your hearts

Praise Him who rescued us from utter destruction 
Jesus whose blood has atoned for all our sin 
He drank the cup of wrath for our propitiation 
Pardoned, forgiven, we are from all our sin


He has delivered us from Satan's dominion 
He bruised the head of the Tempest of our soul 
He has removed our wicked hearts of rebellion 
He healed, and cleansed us, and made us truly whole.


Now unto Him who reigns victorious forever 
Be all the glory, and majesty, and praise 
Come, come ye saints let us exalt Him together 
Praise Him, O praise Him for His amazing grace.


To God be the glory!

This hymn was written sung by our pastor.

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Published by Jeff Chavez

Sinner saved by grace

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