SCBC Lord’s Day #7 (2022)

Of David. The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalms 27:1

SCBC Sunday School: Exposition of 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith (Ptr. Jeremiah)

Chapter 30.8 Worthy Partaking of the Lord’s Supper

And though the mind is more powerful in thought than the tongue in expression, it too is overcome and overwhelmed by the magnitude of the subject. All then that remains is to break forth in admiration of the mystery, which it is plain that the mind is inadequate to comprehends or the tongue to express.

John Calvin Institutes 4.17.7
  • The Spirit warms and refreshes (makes real, deeper, more intimate, and more conscious) our hearts of the death of Christ. Partaking of the body and blood of Christ is actualized by the Spirit.
  • We do not only recall the death of Christ but we experience the joy of salvation in the LORD’s supper.
  • People outside of Christ are not fit to enjoy communion with Christ because they are not united to Christ by faith.
  • The church must vigilantly and zealously protect the table of the LORD from any form of abuse. We do not want to see the ignorant and ungodly be brought to judgment.
To advance the purity of the church, the gospel, the LORD's table, worship, and fellowship is a preliminary to true revival.

SCBC Morning Message: Expository Series on the Book of Romans (Ptr. Jeremiah)

Verse: Rom 11:25-27 – Threefold Reason for Paul’s Prophetic Utterance for the full restoration

  1. To Combat Ignorance v. 25
  2. To Combat False Wisdom v. 25
  3. To Reveal A Mystery – it is the truth that natural minds cannot understand, but God gracious revealed to us
  • 5 kinds of False Jesus
    • Jesus who remains a child (Sto. Nino). But the True Jesus has already grown up when He was on earth as a man. He is our Master.
    • Jesus who is still hanging on the cross. But the True Jesus is alive and reigning now. His work on the cross has been completed.
    • Jesus who is always angry and must be tamed by his mother, Mary. She pleads the Son the men may be forgiven. But the True Jesus’ invitation is direct.
    • Jesus in the coffin, whose feet is kissed by the devotee. But the True Jesus has risen from the dead.
    • Jesus who is like Santa or god-father, super ninong. People come to him only when necesssary. But the True Jesus is King and you must submit to Him.

Like Paul, pastors should preach the gospel boldly to combat ignorance. We do not tickle the audience’s ears but we expose men through the faithful preaching of the gospel.

The truth is revealed. If you do not know the truth, it's nobody's fault but yours.

SCBC Afternoon Message: Expository Series on the Book of Isaiah

Text: Isaiah 8:11-13 Whom shall we fear?

Message: The True fear of God that comes from the knowledge of who God is, overcomes all of our fears

What is the true fear of God that leads us to trust Him more?

  1. True fear of God overcomes all of our fears
    • The Manner of God’s warning – God powerfully and with great warning.
    • The Content of God’s warning
      • Lifestyle: Don’t be like them – Don’t walk as they walk
      • Belief: Don’t believe everything they say
      • Fear: Don’t fear what they fear
    • If we are too overwhelmed by fear of men, there would be no place for fear of God
  2. True fear of God comes from Him whom we must fear
    • Fear Him because He is the LORD of hosts
    • Fear Him because God is Holy – Rev 15:4, Psalms 76:7
    • Fear Him because God alone is to be feared
      • Without a proper view of God’s holiness, without seeing God as Holy, Holy, Holy, we will never have true fear (reverential awe and holy fear) of God. The Object of our fear determines our eternity.

[A’Brakel] Filial (godly) fear is a holy inclination of the heart, generated by God in the hearts of His children, whereby they, out of reverence for God, take careful pains not to displease God, and earnestly endeavor to please Him in all things.

Application: How can we cultivate holy fear? –

  • Know who God is. Fire without fuel (pamparingas) will soon gone out. Without the knowledge of who God is, you will fall into sin.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak the truth
  • Read His Word and tremble at His Word (Isaiah 66:2) towards obedience.

Blessed Lord’s Day!


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