The Danger of Open Theism

Open Theism is in fact a closed view of God. It is dangerous and Christians must fight against this blasphemous view of God. It is actually a god of man’s making. A god that is too small, made in the image of man.

Tim Challies enumerates some defining characteristics of Open Theism, here are the three of them:

  1. Man has libertarian free will. Man’s will has not been so effected by the Fall that he is unable to make a choice to follow God. God respects man’s freedom of choice and would not infringe upon it.
  2. God does not have exhaustive knowledge of the future. Indeed, He cannot know certain future events because the future exists only as possibility. God is unable to see what depends on the choices of free will agents simply because this future does not yet exist, so it unknowable. In this way open theists attempt to reconcile this doctrine with God’s ominiscience.
  3. God takes risks. Because God cannot know the future, He takes risks in many ways – creating people, giving them gifts and abilities, and so on. Where possibilities exist, so does risk.

These descriptions do not describe the True God of the Bible. Watch this video as Dr. Tony Costa of Toronto Apologetics proclaims the True and Omniscient God that Open Theists mock.

Open theism is a false teaching that seeks to excuse God from the bad things that happen in the world by promoting the idea that God does not know future events and that he takes risks with the future. In this view, God does not decree all things that come to pass with a full knowledge that they will achieve his purposes and that he has morally sufficient reasons for allowing evil to exist. Open theism is unbiblical, and spiritually dangerous as it presents a god who is at home in pagan philosophy and foreign to the God of the Bible. The god of Open Theism is too small to be the true God.

Dr. Tony Costa

May the church stand against this deconstruction of the Biblical view of the God who revealed Himself to us through His Word. But God cannot be mocked!

To God be the glory!

Read more: Challies, T. (2005, June 27 ). Challenges to the Church – Open Theism | Tim Challies. Retrieved February 1, 2022, from

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