Contending with Christ

Just today, I listened to a sermon preached by a pastor from Cubao Reformed Baptist Church, Joseph Mangahas. I like to share my notes here because it gives us a proper understanding of what prayer is, that we may be helped to pray in faith.

Text: Matthew 15:21-28

Message: Holy persistence in prayer is a mark of exceptional faith. Effective prayer must demonstrate holy contending “holy stubbornness” and “persistence” with God.

What kind of persistent prayer should we have?

  • Contending in Humility
  • Boldness in Prayer of Faith

“A true prayer of faith recognizes its place, that we have no right to the mercies of a granted prayer. We are not in the position of questioning God’s ways, wisdom, and commandment. It is a humble prayer.”

"A persistent prayer in faith does not issue from a stubborn heart of proud entitlement or arrogant persistence but from a humble heart."
"As we stay in prayer with God, God is actually baptizing our hearts and purifying our faith." 
"Persist in prayer only for those things that survive that sanctifying presence of God. Only then shall your desires be holy and only then shall your prayer be answered by God."
"We have a big God with big promises so do not insult Him with small prayers of little faith." 
"Most Christians do not enjoy the blessing of an answered prayer because they do not pray according to God's will."
"May we have great faith not because we are great but because God is great and His promises are great."

To God be the glory!

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