Six Lessons from John Calvin’s Life

These lessons are based on Covenant Reformed Seminary of Asia‘s Biography of John Calvin (Part 1) by Ptr. Steve Hofmaier. The reader is recommended to watch the video first.

  1. Calvin’s conversion is a sovereign work of God. God saves. He can save you.
  2. Calvin from His conversion was dedicated to serve His LORD and Savior. He thought he would be with a retired life of study. But that was not God’s plan. But he followed God’s plan. The Master speaks, your servant hears. Here I am LORD, send me. That was his attitude as a Christian.
  3. As a Christian, God prepared Calvin for His great use. The training, the education, the people around him, a good Latin teacher, all these things, God used. God does not make mistakes. God has prepared you for a peculiar place of usefulness. Is this your attitude? LORD, Here am I, use me.
  4. God sovereignly directed Calvin’s life. He has to go to Strasbourg, oh, he has to go to Geneva. Somebody told William Farel, “You know, John Calvin is here.” All these providences directed Calvin’s life.
  5. Calvin was committed to the word of God as the only source of faith, life, and practice. This is the truth! He is committed to God’s word.
  6. Calvin sought to bring the church into conformity with the Word of God. That is our goal. That is what we want. It is what God says. Let’s pray that it will always be the case.

To God be the glory!

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