SCBC Lord’s day #47

Hebrews 10:14 For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified. (ESV) …being sanctified… αγιαζομενους The Greek word is present passive participle. See here the glory of Christ’s once-for-all ever sanctifying work for His church. The believers’ sanctification is 1. Present – living a sanctified life. It is a present reality. 2. Passive – though believers take part in the work of sanctification, who “work out” their salvation, ultimately, it is an act of God’s grace. It is real because God works. 3. Participle – it is a description of all true believers. None of them is not being sanctified.

Blessed LORD’s Day! This day is one of God’s primary means of sanctifying His people. Don’t miss the “market day” of your soul!

SCBC Sunday School: Exposition of 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith (Ptr. jeremiah)

Chapter 29.2: On Baptism – The Proper Subjects of Baptism

Those who do actually profess repentance towards God, faith in and obedience to, our Lord Jesus Christ, are the only proper subjects of this ordinance

1689 LBCF 29.2

The PaedoBaptist Argument considered – Rejected

The Basis of their Arguments: Covenant Theology

  • The continuity of the covenant proves infant baptism.
  • It is unlikely for God to change His method.
  • The absence of explicit NT infants baptism is not a problem, since it has always been the case. It’s continuation is assumed.
  • There is no explicit warrant that prohibits infant baptism.

But they failed to see the newness of the New Covenant.

Comparison of Old Covenant & New Covenant – Jer 31:31-34

One major difference between Old Covenant & New Covenant is this: There were Old Covenant members that have no saving knowledge, but New Covenant members "know the LORD." The True Israel in OC was constituted by a tiny minority. Not only Israelites were circumcised in OC (e.g. Ishmael). The people of God existed as a tribe Ethnic Israel (as a national figure, they need to be circumcised to distinguish them from other nations). 

But New Covenant membership is not physical but spiritual. They all know the LORD!

New Covenantmembership is by faith outwardly shown through baptism.

SCBC Morning Message: Expository Series on the Book of Romans (Ptr. Jeremiah)

Romans 10:17

  1. The means of imparting faith to the sinner
  2. The necessity of preaching the gospel to the sinner

General faith won’t save, it should be specific. For faith to be saving faith, it should be about Christ and Him crucified.

It is one thing to intellectually agree that you are a sinner and God can save you, it is another to be convicted and say in your heart that “I am a sinner, and I surrender myself entirely, abandoning all self-trust, to Christ’s accomplishment of His redeeming work, life, death, & resurrection.”

SCBC Pulpit
The greatest power in the universe accompanies our gospel proclamation and He softens hard hearts. It is the power of the Holy Spirit. 

SCBC Afternoon Message: Expository Series on the Book of Hebrews (Bro. Ghan)

Heb 1:10-12 The Immutable Creator and Mutable creation

Theme: The world and everything in it are constantly changing toward its end but Jesus Christ remains the same.

  1. The Omnipotent and Immutable Creator
    • Christ is Omnipotent
    • Christ is Immutable
  2. The Impotent and Mutable Creation
    • v. 11, 12a – they will perish, wear out, & be changed.
    • Humanity is impotent to gain an eternal life.


  • Jesus Christ as the Creator of the universe can recreate humanity (2 Cor 5:17)
  • If we believe in Jesus Christ, we will have eternal life though at present our bodies are dying and perishing (Isa 45:22)
  • Let us not fix our eyes on the things of this world (Mat 16:26; Mar 8:36; Lu 9:25). Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith (Heb. 12:2).
  • This old world is perishing and decaying but a glorious new heaven and a new earth is coming (2 Pe 3:13)
  • The immutability and eternity of Christ are the spring of our consolation and security in every condition (Jas 1:17, Heb 13:8).

OFW Community Service: Expository Series on the Book of Galatians – Ptr. Jeremiah

Galatians 6:9-10

  1. Good works as the essence of the Christian faith
  2. Good works as general obligation to all men
  3. Good works as a particular responsibility to our brethren
The gospel is not ours to keep, but ours to give away. To keep it in ourselves is to rob men of what we owe them. The greatest good that we can do to all men is to preach the gospel to them.

Blessed Lord’s Day!


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