SCBC Lord’s day #46

Your testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul keeps them. The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple. I open my mouth and pant because I long for your commandments. Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is your way with those who love your name.

Psalms 119:129-132 ESV

SCBC Sunday School: Exposition of 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith (Ptr. jeremiah)

Chapter 29.2: On Baptism – The Proper Subjects of Baptism

Those who do actually profess repentance towards God, faith in and obedience to, our Lord Jesus Christ, are the only proper subjects of this ordinance

1689 LBCF 29.2

The Baptist position Supported – Affirmed

Since water baptism signifies our union with Christ, then it is to be administered to those united with Christ by faith. Our saving union with Christ is seen through walking in holiness. We can’t say to children that they are Christians.

Examples of NT Water Baptism

  • Mk 16:16 – the close link of belief and baptism
  • Baptism is only for the disciples – Mt 28:19-20
  • Acts 2:41 – Those who received His words were baptized.
  • Acts 8:12, 37 – The Eunuch believed first, then he was baptized
  • Acts 18:8 – Corinthian believers –
  • Intelligent and positive response to the gospel and water baptism are connected.

Household Baptism Accounts:

  • Cornelius Acts 10:47-48, members of the household are those who heard and received the gift of the Spirit v. 33, 44. Connected to faith in 11:17
  • Lydia – Acts 16:14-16
  • Philippian Jailer – Act 16:33 – the entire household believed v. 34

Point: Only the believers who do actually profess repentance towards God are the proper subjects of Baptism.

SCBC Morning Message: Expository Series on the Book of Romans (Ptr. jeremiah)

Romans 10:16-17:

  1. The Link between Faith and Obedience
  2. The Harmony between God’s Sovereignty and man’s responsibility


  • We must admit our ignorance. God is infinite, we are finite.
  • We must accept our responsibility. The sovereignty of God is the ground of our responsibility.
  • We must stand in awe before God (Rom 8:33-36)

The bible does not recognize faith that does not produce obedience, and obedience that does not come from faith. The man that believes obey.

SCBC Pulpit
Obedience of faith is synonymous to salvation, obedient faith equals salvation. True faith is verified in obedience. Disobedient faith proves itself false. - John MacArthur

SCBC Afternoon Message: Expository Series on the Book of Isaiah (Bro. Jeff)

Isaiah 8:1-8 God’s Clear Message of Judgment

MESSAGE: Those who reject God’s clear message will surely face His just condemnation.

  1. The Clarity of God’s Message
    • The giving of the clear message v. 1
    • The witnesses to the clear message v.2
    • The content of the clear message v. 1, 3
  2. The Rejection of God’s Message
    • The reason for punishment v. 6
      • They rejected the message
      • They acted with arrogance
    • The manner of punishment v.7-8

God has a clear message for all people. He didn’t only say it but He demonstrated it through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son. He did not only give a clear message of judgment but a clear message of redemption in Christ.

In spite of the clarity of the message, it was still rejected. This is the sad reality concerning the history of humanity

Instead of trusting the Lord (“the waters of Shiloah that go softly), they trusted the great river of Assyria.

To reject the gospel/message is to reject the giver of the message. This is foolishness! This is what the people of the world choose. They know that when they come to Christ, they will find rest, but they have chosen the lust of the eyes, of the flesh, and the pride of life.

Blessed Lord’s Day!


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