SCBC Lord’s day #37

For through him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father. 

Eph 2:18 ESV

“Our celebration of the Trinity and Christ’s resurrection on the Lord’s Day should spill over into living godly lives through faith in Christ’s resurrection and looking in hope to the perfect and final sanctification of our souls and bodies at the last day.”

Ryan McGraw, Knowing the Trinity

Featured Hymns: 70 & 501

Featured excerpts and lessons from Bella Vista and SCBC Pulpit

The confession put emphasis not only in the unity but also in the diversity of the Godhead. We believe in One God who eternally exists is Three Persons. The Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Father, the Son is not the Spirit.

Bella Vista Sunday School: The Eternal Relations of the Trinity – 1689 LBCF2.3b

The paralytic represent every sinner, hopeless and helpless. But Christ sees beyond the physical. He knows our utmost need, and that is forgiveness of sin. He is willing and able to forgive the sinner that comes to Him by faith.

Bella Vista Morning Message: The Healing of the Paralytic – Mark 2:1-12

Servanthood not selfishness is the lifestyle of the people of God… We rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. If Christ is our Head there is no reason to not love the members of His body.

SCBC Sunday School: The Scope of Communion – 1689 LBCF 27.1

Evangelism is frustrating if our ultimate goal is to grow the number of our church members and not glorify Christ. We evangelize ultimately for the glory of God. God adds souls to church, not us.

SCBC Morning Message: God’s sovereignty and Prayer Romans 10:1-12

Whatever you are going through right now, brethren, “God is with us”. Even if you do not feel His presence “God is with us”. Even if you are going through dark providences ‘God is with us”. Let us cultivate an awareness of God’s presence that we may find comfort in His words, “God is with you”.

Afternoon Message: The Sign of Immanuel – Isaiah 7:14

Blessed Lord’s Day!


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