When we are kept from keeping one another.

“We live in a time when people, mostly Christians, think that in order for us to keep one another, we are to keep away from one another. With that, let me say first and foremost, that the Word of God does not change. The creational mandate of community does not change. God created us and ordained families and societies…

It is indeed a sad thing to forget the beauty of God’s design for us to be together. But be assured, brethren, that even when we do fail at times in our duty to keep one another, Christ truly and faithfully keeps us.”

A Concerned Baptist

How important is it to keep one another during this time of pandemic?

  • All professing Christians are called to covenantal keeping.
  • Keeping one another transcends the physical realm.
  • The people of God are called to be together, physically.
  • Jesus Christ is our true and faithful Keeper

A Concerned Baptist

Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” He said, “I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?” [Genesis 4:9]

Last Lord’s Day, I preached on Genesis 4 where I emphasized on the first point the expectation we all have to be keepers of one another. When Cain murdered his brother Abel, he disrespectfully replied to God’s question with ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?.’ While it was sarcastic for Cain to reply that way, it is true that all of us are indeed made to be keepers of one another.We are called not to kill, rather love thy neighbor. Instead of loving Abel, Cain did the exact opposite. The brother’s keeper became the brother’s murderer. A jealousy unmortified that escalated into malice and murder.

Love thy neighbor. Paul tells us that love does fulfill the law of God (Rom. 13:10). It…

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Sinner saved by grace

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