Pride and Perversion

Oh Christian, is pride your language?
It’s sad if you are still living with this baggage.
It is a sin, that’s the Scripture’s message!
Be free from it and be conformed to Christ’s image.

And you from the perverted community,
Won’t you accept heaven’s reality?
You were created with dignity,
Don’t ruin it by choosing your own beauty.

It is not a form of discrimination.
It is about your sexual orientation,
And your wicked perversion,
Of God’s design and purpose in creation.

A lot of times you cry for respect.
Why won’t we give it? You’re not an insect.
But tolerance is what you expect!
And with your acts, you bring your own disrespect.

You say, ‘this is our happiness!’
Men with men satisfying their senses.
Women alike are living in lasciviousness.
Please stop your ungodliness!

You say, “love wins!”
But it is your perversion that wins.
That’s not love! That’s sin.
But in Christ, you can be cleansed within.

The multi-colored arc of light,
Is now seen as your corruption of what is right.
And no longer as a promise of Him who is Light.
Oh, be rescued from your miserable plight!

The sin of pride has plagued men since the fall,
Christ lived and shed His blood for all—
For all, who upon His Name will call.
Run to Him and in His love be enthralled!

You’re offended, we know for sure.
But that’s better than dying without a cure.
Repent and forsake your own pleasure.
Come to Christ who alone can make you pure!

Be clothed with His righteousness,
Be washed by the blood of the Spotless—
The Lamb who was slain for the lawless,
He’s now reigning, in Him find your rest!


You can also view its Tagalog translation: Kapalaluan at Kabuktutan

Published by Jeff Chavez

Sinner saved by grace

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