The Divine Council

God has taken his place in the divine council; in the midst of the gods he holds judgment. (Psalm 82:1)

The divine council can be read directly from Psalm 82, but the traditional interpretation reads this verse as referring to the leaders of Israel. I think this fails to read the passage closely in light of the context and what other passages clearly teach on the subject.

I heard this before but I haven’t given much thought on this interesting subject. since it touches the Christian Worldview But for the initial thoughts on the divine council, here is my friend from The Worldview Explorer who have read materials about and taught this subject.

Photo from the same blog post

The term “divine council” is unpopular and unfamiliar to many, even for seasoned Christians, both laymen and ministers alike. Why is this the case? What exactly does this term mean? What aspects of our theology were lost that needed a thorough recovering? What have we been missing really? What does this book have to offer in service?

“The term divine council is an academic synonym for God’s heavenly host—the spirit beings that inhabit the spiritual world who are loyal to God. It refers to the whole assembly of heavenly beings who were created to serve God in the spiritual realm. These members administer the cosmos under God’s direction. Like the church, whose members assist God’s plans on earth, God doesn’t need assistance in the spiritual world, but He choose to carry out His will that way.

The Heavenly Council

Read more from his blog here.

You can also read John Piper’s short article on this from Desiring God, Putting the Gods in Their Place, he writes,

Psalm 82 is an amazing exposè of the “gods”—what the New Testament calls “principalities and powers and world rulers of this present darkness.” God comes to the assembly of the “gods” and rebukes them for the pattern of evil in the world.

Putting the Gods in Their Place

I like to write on this subject in the future but for now to understand it better and if you want to read more materials about this, you can visit Dr. Heiser’s website on the Divine Council.

How about you? Have you thought through the divine council, the gods in the spiritual realm and the Scriptures clear testimony about it?


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5 thoughts on “The Divine Council

  1. Thanks for introducing this somewhat challenging topic. There is a supernatural world that has existed from or close to the beginning. The good news is that God, our God, is clearly in charge and always will be.

    Blessings as we seek to understand more.

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