The Christian Worldview against Unbelieving Worldview

Do you want to learn and see how to defend the Christian Worldview and engage with an atheistic worldview? We compiled the Christian Worldview Project host Jordan Ravanes‘ engagements, dialogue, table talks and debates with Atheism from the latest to the oldest ones. In all of his debates, brother Jordan used the biblical approach to apologetics and that is the presuppositional approach.

We believe that if Atheism is true, it will lead to absurdity since only the Christian Worldview can account for the preconditions of intelligibility (e.g. Uniformity of Nature, Laws of Logic & Ethics). Atheists are not neutral and they have their own presuppositions that they take to the evidence. We start with the certainty of God’s existence and revelation, His written Word, without which man cannot make sense of anything.

So here you go! Please note the some of the videos below are in Filipino language (Tagalog). Always go back to this post since we will be updating it time to time.


Dialogue and Discussion

In all of our engagements with Atheists, we should never fail to preach the gospel. We do not engage with them just for the sake of winning a debate or an argument but to win their souls and to take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).


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16 thoughts on “The Christian Worldview against Unbelieving Worldview

  1. You obviously have no desire to learn things. But maybe one of your readers will be curious.

    Atheists just want you to introduce us to your god. If you can’t do that, can’t explain your god, get confused who your god is, have no evidence for your god, and your god is exactly like every other myth, then we aren’t going to believe. Show us your god is not a myth and then maybe we will believe. Try that.

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    1. Hi, There are tons of materials written about it. You can also search this blog and go to Apologetics category so you can learn as well.


      1. Thanks, Jeff, but you literally got the introductory stuff wrong. You know what they say about building on a bad foundation, right? Your foundation- the very basic understanding and concepts- are terrible. You are asking me to imagine the 27th story when your footers are sinking in mud.

        Again, I don’t figure you care to look at the sinking mud you are building on, but maybe some of your readers will be curious.


        1. I stand on the very foundation without which your reasoning, life, and everything hinges. You cannot really figure it out apart from the mercy of God in Christ. Come to Him and repent of your intellectual rebellion.


          1. None of my reasoning, life, hopes, dreams, future, desires, or legacy depend on your myth, Jeff.

            I do not believe in the god Odin, and this does not bother my life one bit. Lack of a belief in Odin does not inform my reasoning. It doesn’t inform my life. Odin, for me, is just a story just like any other story. And for you, Odin is only a story. You do not spend your days considering Odin. For you, Odin is a myth as much as Cyclops or the Minotaur. This is what your religion is, a myth. The only difference is you believe this one. But if you take a step back, it’s pretty obvious that it is a mere myth.


            1. Odin is not the God of the Scriptures. He does not exist.

              Your disbelief doesn’t negate the existence of God. So you believe that you are a good person? And you do not believe in the afterlife?


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