It is a High Day

It’s a high day above,
When the morning stars mourned,
At the death of the Son,
Who died for His people.

It was a gloomy mid-day,
When the cloud covered the sun..
It was His precious blood,
That paid the death that’s ours.

Measure the depth,
Carry the weight,
Of that one Sacrifice,
That alone could save us.

Why would you despise–
The Man on the tree?
Who died, rose and lived for me,
Who could also set you free.

Give up your self-trust!
Lay down your weapons.
Cleanse your dirt-
Before you return to dust.

Look upon Him who was rejected.
Abide in Him who is now seated–
In His throne undefeated,
The King of glory’s Beloved.


Published by Jeff Chavez

Sinner saved by grace

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