Stop Asking for Evidence

Why should atheists stop asking evidence for God’s existence? The evidence for God’s existence is crystal clear. We have the created universe and everything in it, the uniformity of nature and human beings as image-bearers of God. We were created as rational and moral beings. These are crystal clear evidence of God’s existence.

Now, will atheists accept these things being presented as evidence for God’s existence? Certainly not apart from God’s working in their hearts. In the same way, when an atheist provides evidence for the Big bang and Evolution, a Christian will also not accept it. Both of these worldviews (A Christian and Atheist) already have biases. They will interpret the evidence according to their worldview lenses, according to their presuppositions.

Now, which of these two biases have a meaningful foundation upon which it coheres with their whole belief system? I’ll give you examples:

  • The laws of logic. How can these universal, immaterial, and unchanging laws cohere in a universe that is made of matter acting on chance? Well, in the Christian worldview, the laws of logic are real because we have a God who is logical. Basically, the laws of logic reflect the mind of God. That is why we as image bearers of God can think logically and we must be logical in our thinking because we have a moral responsibility to do so.
  • Another one is the uniformity of nature. If we are living in a material world acting on chance then, science is impossible, because the foundation of science is the uniformity of nature and not just random chance. The uniformity of nature is only possible if the Christian God exists because He has given this universe a fixed order.

So is there really a lack of evidence for God’s existence? No. There is sufficient evidence for God’s existence. The problem is, an unbelieving worldview won’t accept this fact not because of the evidence, but because of what they already believe. A belief that they take to the evidence.

So my dear atheist friends, stop asking for evidence because we have no shortage of evidence for God’s existence.


Published by Jordan Ravanes

The host of the Christian Worldview Project

11 thoughts on “Stop Asking for Evidence

    1. Amen. Thanks for following. Bro. Jordan is the host of The Christian Wordlview Project. an apologetics ministry here in the Philippines by our church. We will have Dr. James White as our guest on Saturday. Check it out.

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