From Visitation to Meditation

One of the greatest challenges of the church today in view of the pandemic is to gather together. It’s been almost a year since the time that the quarrantine, by God’s mysterious and sovereign appointment, has prevented the saints of God to have a face to face fellowship amongst each other.

Taking a precious opportunity to visit a brethren

The LORD touched some of our brethren’s heart to visit a church member whom we have not seen in person for quite a while now. Suprisingly, It’s been a year since the first time that we visited them. They live far from the church so it would really be a challenge for them to travel that far, especially now that they have a new baby. Despite the Covid-19, we desired to visit them and to who have fellowship with them once again.

It was quite a long drive, but our joy to see our brethren surpassed the seeming threat of travelling outside our province. We arrived there after lunch, we prayed, and we ate together sharing the food brought by some and prepared by the brethren that we visited.

It was a delightful afternoon and we enjoyed the warm fellowship that God has wrought in our midst for our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ (1 John 1:2-3). We were encouraged to hear each other’s testimony of God’s grace and provision.

It was a display of mutual care, love and brotherhood centered upon the love of Christ shed abroad in our hearts and the power of the gospel that works in and through each other’s lives.

It was really everyone’s desire to see all of our brethren once gain to have sweet fellowship, to hear the testimony of God’s amazing grace in each other’s lives, and to feast on His Word.

We dream of a day when there will be no more hindrances to the gathering and fellowship of the saints in the presence of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

There shall sing, “Joyful, joyful will the meeting be. When from sin our hearts are pure and free. And we shall gather Savior with Thee in our eternal home.”

Taking every opportunity to herald the goodnews

By the grace of God, He provided a preaching opportunity that was attended by the workers of our brethren. Our pastor taught us two things about the parable of the rich man in Luke 12:13-21. He was a good cultivator but a bad calculator.

Then He said to them, “Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.” Luke 12:15

It is a biblical truth worth meditating in a world consumed by greed and selfishness. The LORD begins the parable with the word “beware”, implying the danger of the sin that is denounced in this passage which challenges the every saint’s satisfaction in Christ.

A good cultivator

Clearly, Jesus Christ describes the rich man’s land as very productive (v. 16). It speaks of the man’s ingenuity in managing his possessions. He was an excellent manager and he used his mind (v. 17-18) and ability in order to be a good steward of what he had.

We can say, in today’s language, that he was a very good businessman. His managing strategy and product operation skills are esteemable. He invested and saved that he may have wealth and be prepared for his future.

A bad calculator

Everything seems great and may be worth emulating but he was wrong. Three things that explain his bad calculation despite him being a good cultivator that worth our meditation:

1. Neglect of the Source of blessings

There’s no mention of his grateful attitude toward the Giver. He forgot that all he had were from God. How about us? Do we acknowledge God’s ownership of all that we have and give Him praise for His goodness?

2. Wrong object of joy

His joy is in his earthly possessions (v. 19). But true satisfaction cannot be found in the things of this world. True joy is found in being forgiven by, and reconciled to God through the redemption of Christ.

3. Failure to see his true condition

When he laid up goods for many years to come (v. 19), he presumed that he will live for more years. But the Bible says that our life is a mist (James 4:14). We will die anytime. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, so we need to be prepared and be ready to face our Maker. He was a fool not knowing that the LORD can take His life anytime.

He may have wisdom enough to manage his earthly goods but he did not have the godly wisdom to think about his soul. He may have enough wealth to feed his body but he did not have the true treasure that matters most. True wisdom knows that anytime he will face the Lord so he will be ready. True riches possess eternal life and inheritance which God in Christ alone bestows.

Readiness to face the LORD is in Christ alone. You will never be ready to stand before the throne of the Almigthy unless you are washed by the blood of the Lamb. His blood is sufficient to save and His righteousness is perfect to make us right before God.

Let us be good cultivator and a good calculator. Count the cost. What benefit is it for you to gain the whole world and lose your own soul (Luke 9:25)? Let us meditate upon this truth!

From visitation to meditation, what a day to prepare our hearts and souls for the worship of God on the coming Lord’s day!


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