Why write a blog?

Six years ago, I started this blog. However, I have never given full attention to this. I think one of the factors was that I did not know what to write. With renewed desire to write, and a commitment to the Lord’s mandate of preaching the gospel, in crafting this blog I yearn for one thing; that is to glorify God through the reflective, theological and practical writings that I will be posting here which are aimed to be Christ-centered, scripture-saturated, church-edifying and gospel-oriented.

None deserves devoting anyone’s time and effort in anything but Christ alone.

The name of this blog came six years ago but it was only 3 years later that I realized why I named this blog TheologyCheck. It is personally for me to see my theological walk with the Lord. When I say theological walk, I mean that my studies in theology grows as a servant of the word. It is not just all intellectual endeavor without honest reflection of God’s work, for theology is knowing God, personally and intimately, and the outworking of his will throughout the history. This TheologyCheck will refine my understanding of God’s word to us through engaging and interacting with different writers, preachers, pastors and theologians.

This blog is first and foremost for JESUS CHRIST, my God, my Lord and my King who died for me. Who left His glorious throne, became a servant and perfectly obeyed the law of the His Father in their eternal transaction, and shed His blood as the perfect sacrifice. Who alone satisfied the demands of the Father. Who drank the cup of God’s wrath that I deserved because of my wickedness and rebellion before His presence. He alone saved me from the guilt of my sin through faith in Him. Now He is working to sanctify me that He may prepare me spotless and blameless before His Father. None deserves devoting anyone’s time and effort in anything but Christ alone.

I also dedicate this blog to my wife, Gloryben Chavez who has given her unrivaled support in my ministerial duties and book readings; and to my little daughter, Myrrh Abigail Chavez, who has been a blessing to me as a father, that forces me to leave my books for a moment and witness God’s marvelous grace as she grows. This is also not possible without my church, Salitran Covenant Bible Church, wherein through the faithful preaching of our Pastor, Jeremiah Jangad, I have seen the New Testament church lived before my eyes. I see how to live a life pleasing to God, how to do any theology practically, and how to preach Christ from every pages of the scripture.

This serves as an invitation to study more and to keep in reforming in our study of the bible. This does not mean that I know a lot, for I know little. So I humbly submit myself to God, and to my reader to examine my presented views if all of it are in accord with the faith which was once for all handled down to all the saints (Jude 3).

Here, I will be writing devotions, reflections and reviews of the books that I have read and will be reading, and the podcast that the LORD has given to our church through bro. Jordan Ravanes. The book reviews here will be not so much of critical analysis than theological reflection and learnings from them. They are my mentors and I cannot claim any theological and biblical ingenuity to do a critical and in-depth analysis of their writings. The podcast and the guests are also a great blessing which have help me grow in my understanding of historic Christianity.

I want to learn more and I stand before these godly men and theological giants in the past whom God continually use to bless His church.  I will also be posting my sermon manuscripts, latest theological shifts and ‘aha’ moments in my readings and walk with the Lord. This blog is a study, a study to see God’s work clearer as the years go by with the help of different theologians, down the history and the Holy Spirit Himself. These are to be evangelistic that the reader may find rest and comfort in the timeless truths about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Finally, I dream of a day where I will be writing books that are God-honoring, Christ-exalting, and Spirit-filled. This blog will help me a lot to advance in my writing skills while immersing my thoughts with the scriptures and truth-laden literatures that I may be able to minister to people around me and in our church. Therefore, I am open to any corrections in my understanding of God’s word, recommendations on how I can improve in writing, and challenges to my theological stance that I may be a better student of the infallible word of God.


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Sinner saved by grace

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